Short Work

“The Jury is Out”

I wrote this 40-page story when I lived in a little town in Southern Oregon, working in a courthouse at the edge of the ocean.  It is fiction, with elements of fact woven in.  Since it is 44 pages, it’s too long to be a story and too short to be a novella.  Whatever it is, I’ve always rather liked it.  Perhaps I’ll release it, six or seven pages at a time, in the blog, and you can continue reading it if it interests you.

Read the first excerpt here.

“The Long, Black Cadillac”

Though she hears her dead mother’s long, black Cadillac coming up the drive, Rebecca chooses a different vehicle for herself.  Rebecca’s Road Trip is the book of related short stories I wrote when I was about my character’s age and finding my way in a world that was new to me. 

Read it here.


Another story in Rebecca’s Road Trip.  This time, by mistake, Rebecca finds herself at a writers conference.  Her suite mates fascinate her and teach her something important: her sexual feelings are still alive.  Although I probably don’t have her dyed red hair and large feet (as the author, I remain hidden from view), I freely admit to being as vulnerable, uncertain, and willing to change as Rebecca.

Read it here.


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