Explaining to a New York City Friend Why I Love Living in Missouri

Dear New York City Friend,
Today is a good time to show you a little of Missouri and of my life here and why I’m glad I moved to Columbia.
Bill and I like to go to the Howard County Progressive Club meetings in rural Howard County near Columbia.  (We’re actually in Boone County, and because of the state university here, we’re one of the liberal spots in Missouri along with Kansas City and St. Louis.)  Anyway, the progressives in Howard County are very much a minority, and they are wonderful, thoughtful small-town people and farmers.  One of the live wires, xxxx, was a state legislator and she knows everything that is going on in Missouri government.  She hosted a meeting of the Howard County Progressives at her 1830s house in xxxx, a Missouri River town (the only house in town, she said, built without slave labor) where the guest speaker was Jason Kander.
After a fabulous potluck dinner, Howard County style, we met Jason.  In fact, we sat next to him during dessert and coffee, and we were impressed by his liberal views.  Of course, he has to appeal to all of Missouri, so when a question was asked about gun control, he changed the wording to “gun safety,” but he is doing a great job of appealing to liberal consciences and not alienating the super patriots (who love guns) of Missouri.
Now it looks as if he has a chance to win over Republican Roy Blunt!  It was an inspiring evening, quite southern in flavor, but here’s this forward-thinking young man in a state like Missouri who is impressing voters and has a chance to win.  The National Democratic Committee is helping him and I believe Hillary is redirecting a lot of her resources to state races now that it looks as though she will probably win.  (But let’s not count our    chickens. . . .)
I think of you often, my New York City friend, as I gain perspective on my move from the East Coast to the Midwest.  You have broadened my world.  Most of all, you are my dear friend.

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  1. Encouraging to read! Thanks Marlene

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